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About Manas Ram

A Storyteller | Inspiring Excellence


Manas Ram is an Art of Living facilitator. He has been volunteering and facilitating Personality development and Youth Programs using the techniques of Mind Management, Yoga & Meditation for over 10 years.
He has conducted mind management sessions in premium institutions across the world like UC Berkeley, UN, University of Sydney, ISB, IIT, etc. He has taught courses to a wide range of audience that include Indian Army & Navy officials, IAS officers, Professors, celebrities & students.
Prior to that he worked as a consultant with Worldview Education. He has earned his bachelor’s from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad. He is also a Yoga certification Board certified, Yoga Teacher with a Masters Degree in Yoga, who has trained over 3000 professionals from 60 countries.

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Address 3 Lakh+ Students on the better performance, success, excellence, mental peace and purpose.


Conducted over 500+ Workshops across the world. Trained people from myriad backgrounds on peace, purpose and excellence. 


Almost everyone feels better, goes back home with greater clarity, higher purpose, more focus and a healthier and happier Body and Mind. 

10+ Years

Have been volunteering and Facilitating Youth Excellence Programs, Mindfulness sessions, Yoga Expert series workshops for over 10+ years now. Scheduled programs all round the year. At least 3 programs a week. 

60+ Countries

Have conducted sessions across the world ex: United States of America, Australia, Malaysia, India etc. Taught Mindfulness & Yoga to people  from over 60+ countries. 

10000+ Hours

Having an experience of teaching and facilitating programs for over 10000+ hours. 

Nature Enthusiast

It is in the lap of Nature that man finds Unconditional Love & Infinite Patience a reality. 
~ Manas Ram

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